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Partnering with Families to help Students Follow, Trust, and Obey Jesus in the Everyday Stuff of Life

We desire to help teens know and believe that they are known, loved, and sent by God

to make disciples in the everyday stuff of life.

Here are the Rhythms we believe gives us and God the greatest opportunity to disciple our teens within our church family.


9am class for 7th-12th grades

10:30am FBC Corporate Worship

6pm-8pm Student Ministry (7th-12th)

Sunday Evening Rhythms

Each weekend looks a little different because we want our teens to experience different aspects of following Jesus. For this reason, if you are considering attending for the first time on a weekend, you might want to check what we’ll be up to. If it is a 3rd Sunday of the month (Serving), email or call the office and you can find out what we’ll be doing. If it is the 4th weekend of the month and you’d like to experience one of our smaller, gender specific groups, please email or call the office (215-348-5210 or office@fbcdoylestown.org) to find out where they will be gathering. Not trying to be complicated, we just realize Jesus did most of his ministry outside of religious buildings, so we want to encourage one another and give one another the opportunities to experience all-of-life discipleship.

1st Sundays: At the church building focusing on a book of the bible or topic that will impact the month (Lower Level).

2nd Sundays: Food (dinner) and a large activity will shape these gatherings. Lots of fun and interactive!

3rd Sundays: We will utilize these Sundays for serving others. These Sundays will not look the same, but what will be similar in keeping our focus on serving others.

4th Sundays: We go small and gather in homes by gender (guys & gals). Again, call for locations.

If there is a 5th Sunday, you’ll need to call:)