Lead Pastor

By God’s grace, I have been a follower of Christ since the Fall of 2001. My wife and I began the journey together, in God’s mercy, as adults who were married and had a child. Since this time He has continued to humble and teach this clay pot of His amazing grace and love for the ends of the earth, who still need to know and trust in His love through Christ. Our call to ministry, specifically preparation, came a couple years after 2001, and we were blessed to receive this time of preparation in Louisville, KY at Southern Seminary.We established and still benefit from great relationships started and nurtured through that season. I have served in various settings and in various roles over the past few years, and I am greatly thankful for this. I have found great joy in serving others in the area of family ministry, while also having the opportunity to engage and develop relationships outside of the church in the communities we have served. I seek to serve within the framework of a team. I desire to use my gifts and experiences to assist a church seeking to grow passionately for the Savior and for advancing His glory. I value learning and believe I would be characterized as loyal. I love my wife, Shannon, and my three children. They would be a gift to any community of believers, through their love for the Savior and desire to see families and communities impacted by the gospel.

Twitter: @brotherski

Email: rodneyfbcd@gmail.com