Contact Information
Jay and Jen Wolf
Faith Academy
MCPO box 20160706
Makati City, Philippines

Support Address:
Mission HQ:
1501 W Mineral Ave
Littleton, CO  80120

Primary Ministry :
Jay and Jen reach out to missionary kids (MKs), other international students, and their parents through their ministry as boarding home parents at Faith Academy.

Prayer Needs :
We pray for continual building of relationships, knowing that nothing else in our ministry will matter without strong relationships with students and parents. We also pray for the ministries of the parents, wherever they may be serving. We want to see the students grow in their spiritual walks, especially as they prepare to graduate, and hope that our marriage would be a good influence and witness that will leave lasting impacts on the students’ lives.

Major Challenges :
Interaction with parents varies from student to student, and communication is particularly difficult with parents who can speak little English. Since the students have grown up with different backgrounds and values, Jay and Jen have to learn how to raise each student with appropriate cultural sensitivity.

The People :
Most of the students at Faith Academy are walking in the Lord, while some are questioning the role of God in their lives. The students come from a variety of countries, with Koreans making up the largest nationality represented. Whether their parents work as missionaries or businesspeople, the students have been exposed to international concerns and therefore have a high level of world awareness.